There is something within you that must be answered.
Stress, pain, anger, anxiety, depression - they are the signs and symptoms of something that may be eating your energy, stealing your joy and creative powers, and delaying growth and freedom..
That's why humans have gathered in sacred service to tend the heart world of loss, change, and suffering. To help bridge the world of the living and the dead, to comfort and support the journey we are all in.
You are invited to gather online on FaceBook live, details and link at Sober Clean Warrior Society group, and if you are in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area and can attend a fire ceremony outdoors, then you are welcome to join in person. 
You will be supported by whatever tools, ideas, beliefs, and memories you hold dear - there is no one way to spirit, nor to grief, nor to healing. Your path is sacred to you, your respect for what others bring or share is all that is required. This is an opportunity for diverse peoples, faiths, and ways of life to come together, acknowledge grief, and share support in a safe ritual container.
No fee to participate, however, you may offer an online or live donation to support the efforts of the Sober Clean Warrior Society nonprofit 501c3 (Seven Feathers Society, Inc.), or offer a gratuity to the host if you plan to join in person on March 22. 
Good health and healing to you. The work we do at the fire, in ceremony together, aligned with ancestors and the love they have for us, we co-create a healthier society for ourselves and our children and descendents. Ashé! Miigwech! Pilamiya! En Lakesh! O Matteo!

for updates, instructions, and live link.