New in 2024! 
Empower Your Recovery and Well-Being
with total mind-body-heart-spirit rejuvenation.

Do you desire a deeper connection within yourself?
 How about gathering with others who share your commitment to healthier attitudes, practices, and lifestyle?

Are you ready for a transformative event that will help you to purify, illuminate, and focus your energy? Align yourself as a creative agent to manifest your dreams, desires, and goals?
Then register for this all-day event, located at the Sacred Heart Warrior Camp near West 7th and Randolph in St. Paul, MN.

Why all day? - There's a lot to do!

Morning Ceremony: Preparation and Purification.
We'll begin with preparing the fire, and ourselves, for traditional ceremony.  All the natural elements, spirit, and people working together toward personal and shared goals. A powerful cleansing for mind, body, heart, and soul.

Morning Workshop: Design Your Life Practice.
Group discussion and process to help prioritize your life goals, and strategizing the solutions that smash barriers and open flow.

Noon Open House: Fireside Community.
All Ages, Partners and Family welcome to share a moment with community including fireside storytelling and sharing what's important.

Afternoon Workout: Warrior Conditioning.
Enjoy a fusion of yoga, pranayama (breath practice), and basic self-defense drills that open, circulate, and direct essential energy. 

Warrior Initiation Level 1: Shadow Grapple.
Guided process to help you get a hold of a significant unconscious barrier that thwarts your efforts and causes risks or losses in life. Illumination offers release, more energy, more flow. It's what warriors do! Amazing!

Warrior Initiation Level 1 Certification: Accountability.
Earn the the Level 1 Warrior Certificate through active accountability exercise, and join the ranks of hundreds of others who have discovered their golden key to personal development and self-mastery!

Warrior Initiation Ceremony and Feast!
Celebrate yourself and your peers with fireside ritual to honor your work and receive support for your goals and plans for ongoing success, recovery, and well-being! Delicious food donated by local caterer!

Don't miss this !!!

Adults, All Genders, All Peoples, All Faiths Welcome!

No Fee for this event which is sponsored by
Seven Feathers Society non-profit 501c3.

Donations Are Appreciated!

Registration is Recommended - you'll receive support info to help you better prepare for the event.

To Register, use the contact form provided on the warriorvox website, or email your name, phone number, and interest to: with the heading: Register for Bootcamp.