Sacred Masculine Fire Teaching Online Live Presentation Monday June 24, 6PM CST

THE SEASON OF LIGHT AND LEARNING by Dan Gorbunow.   June 21, 2024

We are in the crucible of the season of Light, and experiencing the peak time of Fire and Sacred Masculine essence. Can you feel it? What does it mean to observe the masculine essence within and around you?

In the thunderstorms, in the sunny days (albeit a little sparse lately in the Midwest!), in the surge of summer energies: rabbits running around the lawns, kids and families playing, fitness enthusiasts coursing around the lakes and parkways, baseball games in neighborhoods, smoke billowing from blisterning grills, gardening and garage sales everywhere. 

These are signs of the masculine energy in balance in community.

Innovation and growth in many industries. Conscious communities gathering, facilitating spiritual growth, initiating changes, evidence of spiritual awakening, resurgence of ancient ideas and tribal consciousness colliding with modern people and technologies.

These are also signs of the masculine energy in balance in society.

Remarkable times we are in! How splendid! Yet, how terrifying at times.

Masculine fire energy, in balance with sacred feminine water element, is a pervasive force for creativity, growth, and transformation. Much of the fabric and basis of our culture, infrastructure, and economic systems are founded on masculine fire principles. Yet, as we more clearly recognize, the masculine energy has shadows, the fire element can present imbalances (and of course, with careful examination, the same can be said for feminine and water). 

The imbalances of the masculine shadow aspects are detectable in the smolder of politics, war, violence, media and technology pressures, criminality on main street and on Wall Street, climate changes, energy and resource exploitation, agriculture and medicine industries that produce as many problems as they seek to solve, financial roller-coastering, social upheaval and polarized divisiveness.

These are clear signs of masculine shadow imbalances.

Internally, within the self, the shadow of the masculine is palpable in unconscious patterns of ego, grandiosity, reactivity, rage, impulsivity, as well as numbness, apathy, emotional and spiritual disconnection, stress (inflammation of the spirit), and impotence (of the physical, emotional and spiritual vitality). Narcissism, hedonism, and social disregard are a deadly cocktail in our society.

These are all signs of masculine shadow imbalances, and they can infect anyone, regardless of gender or biology.

Can we face the dynamics, and opportunities, of the elements, and explore this together to create healthier outcomes?

I was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a powerful notion in the lexicon of internal medicine:
If you can detect and name the pattern, you can create the solution and heal the problem.

You, I, and others in our world are daily confronted with challenges in personal well-being, in establishing a healthy consciousness and way of life to best deal with the outer and inner pressures already named. Seeing the underlying threads, clarifying the dynamics of energy and imbalance, a solution is presenting itself through the fog of experiences and conditions. 

That's why I created the offerings I'm sharing with you today.

A presentation in the dynamics of sacred elements: through exploration and practical guidance of the fire element and masculine principle, you can revitalize and heal the Sacred Masculine energy within you. This teaching is open to all genders, and everyone can benefit!

Join me Monday evening, June 24, live online at 6PM CST, for a potent discussion at the  Sacred Masculine energy within and around you, to help you to better curate this energy, awaken your light and shift your consciousness, and avoid the risks of imbalance, such as speaking and acting unconsciously in the shadow of masculine energy.

Bring your wisdom and fire! Share what you know, and offer an insight or understanding that can assist others to grow and heal. Bring it!

In addition, the next presentation is already scheduled to help you to continue the exploration, development, and balancing of elements and energies, with the Sacred Feminine / Water Teaching planned for July 29, 2024.

See you soon!