Question: "What is SoulCare Coaching and How does it help me?"

SoulCare Coaching offers to heal and restore your spirit,
console and brighten your heart,
assist your being,
guiding your journey toward your full, natural and supernatural abundance,
and educate your consciousness.

Are you fulfilled? or is something missing in your life?

Do you experience confidence in your self, joy and satisfaction consistently each day, or are you disturbed by self-doubt, unhappiness, negativity, or just flatness?

Are you feeling stuck in destructive patterns and worn out cycles of loss, hurt, and disappointment with yourself and others?

What may be missing is your spirit. 

Having a conscious, active connection to spirit provides you with a sense of innate wholeness, being comfortable inside no matter what is happening around you. 

Spiritual connection helps you to be at peace in your own skin, and in your life.

Spiritual well-being also conveys a dynamic connection to nature, society, and cosmos. 

What is spirituality?

Spirituality is the shared breath of life, energy, and connection

Spirituality can be translated as 'pertaining to the shared breath.' (Breath in latin is 'spiritus'.) In fact, all ancient societies show the link between breath, spirit, and relationships. That includes the most profound relationship you have: to your deep self. Breath links you to the Universe, to all possibilities.

Breath is a great metaphor for life. With breath and spirit, life flows. When the breath or spirit is disconnected, life becomes stagnant, you lose energy.

In your joys and sufferings, in both the agonies and pleasures of life, the spirit is often abandoned or forgotten, the breath becomes shallow or stilted, yet these are essential to life, health, and well-being. Success cannot grow from stuck energy or disconnected breath or spirit. That would be a violation of spiritual law. 

The only thing accelerated in the void of spirit, breath, or energy, is the sad state of suffering from loss of connection. 

SoulCare offers a solution for spiritual disconnection.

SoulCare means to unlock the doorway to yourself, to approach life with an awareness of the interconnection in self and others, including what is difficult. 

Instead of feeling stuck in what is painful or difficult, you can experience flow and freedom through SoulCare. Your resistance and suffering can be transformed in profound, mysterious and beneficial ways.

You will get many insights, guidance, practical skills, and inspiration to launch your transformation and help you to resolve your core issues.

SoulCare offers you the hidden key to unlock the doorway to resolution.

SoulCare is where you meet yourself in the crossroads of life, and discover a deep spring of vitality, healing, and spirituality. It is a path of reconnection to your source, when the link to self has been cut by desire and loss. 

Your breath expands along with your ease, flow, joy, and success! 

Unlocking your power to understand, choose, and act precisely in the way that best serves you, you are released from the old cycle and brought into a new, healthier way of being.

Who am I?

Hello, I'm Dan Gorbunow, President of Warrior Vox, Inc., creator of the SoulCare Coaching Project, and award-winning author of 'The Seven Secrets of Men's Spirituality', and Best Selling Amazon author.

My life is full of beauty, connection, and joy. I'm married to a remarkable woman, my partner in family and enterprise, my heart's love and soulmate. I'm in love with my life, enjoy being a dad for the most wonderful and charming kids you could ever imagine. It's truly epic! Every day is full of love, learning, laughter, and connection. 

My work and vocation are satisfying. I spend my time creating and delivering meaningful experiences and fun adventures for my peers and clients. From local fireside circles, nature retreats weekends, or overseas quests on a path of spirit and purpose, I am engaged in a profound way. Life isn't always easy or free from stress or difficulty; however, in whatever circumstances life puts me in, I find joy, wisdom, and more reasons to be in gratitude.

I live every day in my "Zone of Unity", being happy and fulfilled!

But life was not always this way.

My story.

I spent many years feeling anxious and uncertain about my future, haunted by my past, troubled by traumatic experiences, and generally unhappy. I sought escape from my conditions and my life through any means possible - media distractions, drugs and alcohol, shopping, comfort eating, sex and shallow relationships. I was stuck in bad habits. By trying to avoid problems and not facing my losses, I made things worse for myself. My addictions and dysfunctions caused repetitive cycles of negativity in my self and in all my relationships. I was restless, hungry, driven by a deep void within me. 

My "inner bad wolf" was running the show, and ruining my life. My dreams seemed far away, and I never seemed to get past the same obstacles and limitations to my satisfaction, my love life, to my income, and to my sense of meaning. Success seemed always just past my reach, and I often was broke, sad, lonely, and miserable. I also saw that many other people had similar experiences and troubles.

So I decided to dedicate myself to a life of continuous improvement and cooperation, and to help you to 
figure out the solution, improve your connection to yourself, transform your life and relationships, and discover the keys to fortune, happiness and living life on purpose!


Email me right now to schedule a 20-minute discussion to see if what I am offering is the right solution for you. I will ask you a few questions, and listen to your story and learn about you. 

You will get a fresh perspective and walk away with ideas and inspiration. The only thing you have to lose? The opportunity to change your life TODAY! 

Don't miss out!

I learned from my own shadows and difficulties.

I know how to help you awaken your healthy self and reclaim the part of you that is missing, suppressed, neglected, or shut down. I know because I have been there in the dark void myself and found my way through impossibly painful and murky circumstances. I have faced the hard necessity to go within for answers when the world around had nothing to offer my hungry and ailing heart, troubled mind, and exhausted spirit. 

I hit bottom and found the key.

I spent years convince that I was doomed to live a half life, full of more woe than joy. I eventually ended up in detention and treatment, lost connection to my son and his mother, lost my home and reputation, and was put into an extended "time out". I hit the bottom. I began to seek within myself for the hidden answer to all the problems of my life. One day my life turned around, and everything changed!

I reconnected to spirit and my life changed.

In the dark night of my soul, I discovered a hidden talent of energy and joy inside me. I lapsed into a vision, a waking dream, in which I encountered my spirit. It led me into a profound shift that transformed my life. I decided to focus my energy and consciousness on my spirituality. I immediately felt more relaxed and comfortable. I experienced more energy and motivation. I found clarity and purpose. I was blown away by how much better I was feeling, not from anything outside of me, but from a deepening connection to my source.

When I restored my spiritual attitude toward life, my troubles began to clear up, my health was restored, and I returned to my path in life. Since then, I am continuously blessed to create and receive every success imaginable, and so can you!

I can show you the master code to yourself.

I am dedicated to helping you access your spiritual power AND purify and align your consciousness so that your mind is a competent ally in your life, not a critic or terrorist that troubles you or doubts your efforts. With guidance, you can develop harmony between your Mind, Spirit, Heart and Body. They can be friends working together inside you, helping you generate flow and freedom, or adversaries sabotaging each other, causing internal strife and dysfunction within you and sabotaging your efforts and relationships. By aligning with your spirit, all the pieces can be harmonized through the power of the Divine within you!

Spirituality is the practice of the Divine breath, not religion.

Religion is not the same as spirituality, though they often overlap. The SoulCare Coaching Project from Warrior Vox does not suggest you adopt a particular religious approach, rather, it helps you to deepen your relationship to yourself and to your higher power, universal energy or cosmos, however you think of the Universe, and however you practice your spiritual or religious preferences.

Choose your own path, I will help you on your way.

There are many styles of spirituality, and ways of approaching life with a philosophy based on spiritual teachings, or through a religious framework, or a set of principles and guidance. You are entitled to choose your own style and approach, so there are no 'one size fits all' in spirituality. My role as coach is to help you create or polish the tools you need to evolve yourself.

Experience the Benefits!

In addition to direct coaching, you also gain instant access to a wonderful community of conscious-minded individuals dedicated to self-mastery, spiritual alignment, and inter-personal integrity. You are invited to join in:
    • Odyssey Circles and Retreats (in person events), 
    • Workshops (online)
    • Trainings and Online courses,
    • Publications, Video, Audible to educate and inspire!
    • and more!

Honor your commitment to yourself.

Holistic health and high quality support for your heart, spirit, mind, body, and relationships are the foundation of my SoulCare coaching program.

Start today, all you need to begin is an open mind, heart, and readiness to learn and grow. Your time is now, to heal and transform yourself, your relationships, your enterprise, your cosmos.

Get Started!

SoulCare Coaching from Warrior Vox, 
'Voice of the Warrior' 
is the ultimate deep dive 
into resolving your core patterns, 
shift your inner dynamics, and 
generate positive energy 
and flow in your world. 

More flow, energy and vitality. More connection.

Less stress, loss, worry and risk. Less fear.

Achieve greater self-awareness, balance and health through spiritual philosophy and skill-building activities.



Sign Up to Come Aboard!

The Nine Weeks Master Coaching Project
will help you:

Heal your core

Balance your inner and outer world

Address health issues in all areas of your life

Improve energy, sleep, joy, connection

Spiritually evolve your leadership

Transform your team and family 

Reduce loss, risks, and depletion

Provide care for your soul

Build your master self-help program

Support you every step and beyond

Celebrate your transformation!

The Nine Week Master Coaching Project live-online. 

Email me to schedule a 20-minute discussion and consultation. 

This introductory call will give you instant benefits 
through a spirit-based conversation that offers value 
and insight to your quest and questions, discuss options 
and clarify a path to help you reach your goals 

Email me to enroll today:

About Me and My Approach

 I love to travel, explore, learn, heal, 
connect with good hearts and do ceremony, 
offer spiritual education, 
provide facilitated peer support gatherings and 
participate in healing retreats in beautiful locations.
Tell stories by the fire.
Honor our ancestors.
Go deep into the forest of healing.
Consult the energies of nature.
Find peace.
Receive care.
Have fun!
Cook well.
Eat well..
and share gratitude.

Does that sound interesting?
Get started today and see if the 
Nine Week Master Coaching Project 
from Warrior Vox SoulCare  is right for you.


 The Nine Week Master Coaching Project includes:

Weekly online structured sessions with me  
(45-55 minutes each on zoom), 


media + bonus media, 
course materials, 
certificate of completion, and 
unlimited support calls.


Plus, enjoy discounts on all retreats, courses, and workshops!

WARRIOR VOX SOULCARE is the quintessential step
toward a healthier self, and a healthier world.

It is the next step in your warrior evolution.

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