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Anger Management II: 

Beyond Anger: Reclaim Your Fire! with Dan Gorbunow

This Exciting 10-Week Course begins MONDAY APRIL 18, 6-7:30PM through June 20, 2022
In this course, you will gain the tools, information, and support to transform your feelings, emotions, and reactions into a productive energy system that will fuel your goals, desires, and intentions toward fulfillment and lasting "emotional sobriety". 

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BEYOND ANGER: RECLAIM YOUR FIRE! Register for a New Course Offering from TCMC

By Dan Gorbunow, copyright 2022.

According to ancient Norse legend, before the world was created, all was fire, the land of Muspelheim, and ice, Niflheim. Heat from the land of fire began the process of creation and thus all the beings of the spirit world, and all life in the middle world, Midgard, were born. Fire is a sacred power, a seed of life within us, and within all things as the living spark of creation. With the energy we carry, we create our world anew, for better or worse.

The association of fire with human, especially men’s activity, is ancient and primal. We gather at the hearth or campfire to reflect and engage, make food or plans, warm our drinks or medicines, play, tell stories, heal wounds, honor grief and victories, meditate in vision, and dream. To gather at the fire is memory; is a social reconnection; is a rite of passage; and is a ritual reunion with deep self, ancestors, and spirit.

The protecting, illuminating, transformative, and life-renewing qualities of fire are balanced by the shadows of fire, which are consumption, confliction, and utter destruction. These shadows are actually necessary components in the creation of new things, yet in the world of human activity, requires special diligence and guidance. Fire, without regulation, initiation and containment, may show up as naked tension, unrestrained desire, energy and resource depletion, addiction, anger (“to be distressed, hostile”) and rage (“lunacy, rabidness, hydrophobic”) - to be “hot-headed”. We enter periods of strife, engulfed in a fiery violence of war. The same fire that creates and protects can also eat everything in its path. Fire thus is a symbol for men’s energy with this dual-capacity for life-affirming and equally life-threatening potential.

Seeking to balance our nature, we approach fire and the sacred energy we carry as a tremendous gift and responsibility, as an ongoing choice. Conversely, many men have lost their connection to their spirit, vitality, drive, and purpose: this is a fire that has gone out or been reduced to sleepy ashes. The world goes to sleep with us if we don’t tend the spark.

Life offers you a challenge, you must respond. If you don’t master your energy, you remain asleep or risk unconsciousness as a shadow man or shadow warrior, and deny your potential for benevolent creative action, or worse, cause suffering and devastation to yourself and others. To act masterfully in alignment means, therefore, to acknowledge, study, and regulate your energy, to contain and focus your primal fire, which is a beautiful solution to offer yourself, your relationships, and society.

Let’s gather at this auspicious and crucial time on our planet to do this work together, and ensure that the fire we carry is a living force for good, awake and focused, a blessing of service and self, and not an unconscious source of further destruction and shadow. This is what we propose to do with the new course.

For over 30 years, Twin Cities Men’s Center has helped hundreds of men through the delivery of an essential course, Men Helping Men: Anger Management, created by Dave Decker, and stewarded and taught most recently for many seasons by John Hesch. It remains a staple offering by TCMC and will continue to serve men and community into the future. Like fire, our needs and interests shift. Out of the evolving needs and interests of men, the new course has been created to supplement and complement the groundbreaking work of Anger Management, with BEYOND ANGER: RECLAIM YOUR FIRE! Register now and join good men, make great connections while doing some important work together.

Visit our website to learn more and register online. This exciting new course will meet for ten weeks on Mondays 6-7:30PM, starting April 18, 2022. Hybrid options allows you to attend in-person at TCMC, or online via zoom. Bring your brother, father, or son; invite an ally, friend, or sponsor to go BEYOND ANGER and RECLAIM YOUR FIRE! Here is the link to register and learn more: